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Climb To The Mountaintop Using "let's" and "lets"
Climb To The Mountaintop
Frere Jacques Vocabulary- emotions
Frere Jacques
The Three Thinking Mice Pronunciation: "T" and "TH"
The Three Thinking Mice
Cockatoo Song Personal Pronouns- HE and SHE
Cockatoo Song
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In English, verbs sometimes change drastically when they describe the past, present and future. For example, "goes" (present tense) becomes "went" (past tense) and "will" (future tense). In the Indonesian language,there is no need for this. With the word "goes" (pergi), simply add the word "already" to describe the past (telah pergi) or "will" to describe the future (akan pergi). This makes English seem unnecessarily complicated, but don't despair! This lesson with Mr. Dan will help you!

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