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Climb To The Mountaintop Using "let's" and "lets"
Climb To The Mountaintop
Frere Jacques Vocabulary- emotions
Frere Jacques
The Three Thinking Mice Pronunciation: "T" and "TH"
The Three Thinking Mice
Cockatoo Song Personal Pronouns- HE and SHE
Cockatoo Song
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It is confusing for Indonesian speakers of English to know when to use an "S" at the end of a word. The Indonesian language does not require anything like it.

In English, If we say "The monkeys escape", that is correct. However, if we say "the monkeys escapes", that is wrong! If we say "The monkey escapes", that is correct. However, if we say "the monkey escape", that is wrong!

You don't need to be confused. Sing "Animal World" with Mr. Dan and get it right!

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