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Climb To The Mountaintop Using "let's" and "lets"
Climb To The Mountaintop
Frere Jacques Vocabulary- emotions
Frere Jacques
The Three Thinking Mice Pronunciation: "T" and "TH"
The Three Thinking Mice
Cockatoo Song Personal Pronouns- HE and SHE
Cockatoo Song
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How Are You, Mr. Dan? → Learning English Note By Note!

Studies on educational television for kids have shown that children become beneficially engaged with television as they listen to songs, join in by singing repeated refrains, respond to music by dancing along, and match movements to music and dances. (Source: Marsh, Jackie et al (2005) 'Digital beginnings: Young children's use of popular culture, media and new technologies' Literacy Research Centre: University of Sheffield).

How are you, Mr. Dan? does all of the above! Actually, parents don't need a research study to figure out that music is one of the best mediums for learning. Anyone who has witnessed how fast their children remember the lyrics of their favorite songs knows that music can make learning fun, memorable, and effective!

That's why How are you, Mr. Dan? places English vocabulary and grammar into the enjoyable context of humorous songs with funny animated characters, exciting enrichment worksheets, and accompanying dance lessons. Learning English suddenly becomes fun.. when you learn English note by note!