Lesson Packs
Climb To The Mountaintop Using "let's" and "lets"
Climb To The Mountaintop
Frere Jacques Vocabulary- emotions
Frere Jacques
The Three Thinking Mice Pronunciation: "T" and "TH"
The Three Thinking Mice
Cockatoo Song Personal Pronouns- HE and SHE
Cockatoo Song
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Milham Parents

Very interesting. Callista is very happy and adds insight as well as her courage to communicate in English.

Ardita Parents

The content is interesting, informative, and fun. The informants are helpful and kind. The event is organized well. And thanks for the information about the website. :))

Dewi R. Parents

It's very exciting, very useful and very applicable, the advice is to study English together at home. Hopefully, it will be more routine so that we can update and increase our enthusiasm for learning with our children at home.

Meimei Teacher

HAYMD really helps me teach my kids English in a fun way in one package. Children love the songs, the lessons are simple and easy to understand. My favorite part is the free printables.

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